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Telemarketers, quite frankly, are the scourge of the telephone system. They invade your privacy, and through bulk buying of telephone minutes, pay only a token amount if not nothing at all for the calls whose only purpose is seemingly to annoy you.

Have you ever found yourself needing to give a website a phone number, but wary about it getting into the hands of telemarketers? Get a Second Number that points at your phone but will cost a bit more for them to call. Available options without inbound call charges are 084 (7p/min service charge) and 087 (13p/min service charge). Of course you don't pay that, the person calling to annoy you does.

As a result, these call centres don't like to call these numbers, yet they can reach you if they really need to.

So, next time you need to fill in a web form that asks for ridiculous amounts of personal information such as a market comparison website, use a Second Number as your phone number.

You can get more than one number, and by setting up the email alerts you can instantly see who called, when, and which number was used. That way you can see who leaked your details if you got a spam call on one. Even withheld caller IDs are partially shown, e.g. 01234567xxx. And, of course, if they have more money than sense and start to harrass you through your Second Number, you can disconnect it without having to change your real phone number.

What's the catch?
There isn't one. The number is free (depending on your choice), and these numbers may be pointed at landlines and mobiles at no charge to yourself. Rerouting the number is also free via the website, though you may also reroute it using a call to their automated service or a text message (to a normal 07 number charged at your network's standard rate). You are guaranteed privacy, our supplier will not sell or otherwise reveal your details to any third party, and we won't even see your details. Those are between you and FleXtel.

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